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AccraPolishing equipment steel needle

Polishing abrasive: Steel needle can be customized

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Magnetic grinding steel needle conventional size diagram:

  Diameter of steel needle  Specifications
  0.3mm  0.3*5mm,0.3*7mm
  0.4mm  0.4*5mm
  0.5mm  0.5*5mm
  0.6mm  0.6*5mm
  0.7mm  0.7*5mm
  0.8mm  8*5mm,0.8*8mm,0.8*10mm
  1.0mm  1.0*5mm,1.0*8mm
  1.2mm  1.2*5mm,1.2*8mm,1.2*10mm
  1.5mm  1.5*5mm,1.5*8mm
  2.0mm  2.0*5mm


Magnetic grinding steel needle is a special abrasive for polishing machine grinding workpiece, also known as magnetic polishing needle. Specifications and models of different steel needles, polishing strength will be different.

Steel needle selection of imported SUS304 stainless steel, service life: 3-5 years. The grinding steel needle is a semi-permanent grinding material, which can be used continuously for many times. Pay attention to Accracleaning and drying before storing.

According to the materials of different processing parts, the recommended steel needle models are as follows:

For processing soft copper and aluminum parts, the diameter of the grinding steel needle is 0.5mm or less, and the length is optional: 5mm,7mm.

For stainless steel and iron and other hard parts, magnetic needle diameter size selection 0.5mm or more, length optional: 3mm,5mm,8mm,10mm.

If the aperture and seam of the processing parts, the diameter of the steel needle is 0.5mm, and the length is optional: 5mm.

  • 密封性好 通风噪音小

    密封性好 通风噪音小

  • 内壁光滑

    内壁光滑 通风阻力小

  • 抗氧化性能好

    抗氧化性能好 持久耐腐蚀

  • 档次上乘

    档次高 外包美观

  • 安装方便,连接点小

    安装方便 连接点小

  • 管壁加厚

    管壁加厚 不易变形